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Maintain the beauty of your home
Three of the more common home improvement maintenance items, window, gutter and pressure cleaning can usually be performed by the same company very cost effectively. Not only do these measures help make your home more attractive, but they can also minimize costly repairs and increase the value of your home.

Window cleaning improves your home’s appearance and your view.
Looking through dirty windows is similar to looking through dirty glasses. Smudges and other marks can be unsightly and interfere with the view from your home. As standard maintenance item and to keep your view crystal-clear, we recommend cleaning the exterior surface of your windows twice per year and the interior surface at least once.

Gutter cleaning keeps water flowing away from your home
Gutter systems are designed to steer water away from your home to prevent roofing and moisture-related problems. During the fall, leaves along with other debris drop onto your roof and can be washed into your gutters by rain. Left unattended, the resulting clogging can cause moisture-related issues that can be costly to repair and pose health risks for your family. Experts therefore recommend cleaning your gutter system at least twice annually to assure that water flows safely away from your home.

Pressure wash your home’s exterior, concrete and wood surfaces
Sometimes called chemical rinsing, pressure cleaning is the process of removing mold, dirt and grime from driveways, patios, decks and exterior of your home. While pressure cleaning concrete and stone surfaces restores original beauty and improves curb appeal, it actually can extend the life of wood siding and decks. As standard maintenance, wood siding should be pressure-washed annually, with all surface breaches and rotten wood repaired and repainted. Similarly, to protect your deck from outdoor elements and keep it looking good, experts recommend pressure washing and re-sealing it every other year.

Use a professional cleaning company to perform these tasks
Window, gutter and pressure cleaning are tedious and time consuming, and can dangerous work, particularly on two story homes. We therefore suggest hiring a professional cleaning company to perform these tasks. Well-trained, insured and equipped with ladders, squeegees and extension poles, professionals can do the work in a fraction of the time, generally with far better results. When selecting a company, beware of less reputable groups that offer these services without insurance and proper training. Get proof of insurance and check references, particularly if you go with companies that have not been “Homeowner Approved.” Finally, since window, gutter and pressure cleaning is traditionally a seasonal business, consider scheduling your pressure washing and window cleaning services during the off-season to secure better pricing.